1. What is Viasocket

Viasocket is a low-code platform that allows you to connect APIs and webhooks to build workflow automation.

In the following diagram, you can see the APIs connected with each other with conditions, loops, and scripts.


In the following image, we have created an 8 Step workflow to connect APIs.


Step 1. Get Data from API_1 and picked the Data in a variable

Step 2. Write a JavaScript to manipulate the data and picked the response to be used further.

Step 3. Connected a Third-party API (It can be any like Hubspot, google or Airtable or any other) and picked the response of this API.

Step 4. Connected a Low Code loop to iterate the response from the Third part API.

Step 5 Create an IF condition under the loop and if the condition is True then send data to the next API

Step 6. Connected "Any API_1.1" and picked the response.

Step 7. Connected a complex IF condition to change two different variables. and if the condition is True then send data to the next step.

Step 8. Connected one more API to make some tasks done.


This is how you can connect multiple APIs and create low-code scripts, conditions, and loops.